Biomanufacturing consultancy eXmoor pharma has this month opened its brand new labs at Future Space, the University of the West of England’s newest innovation hub and workspace specialising in technology and the sciences.

“We chose Bristol Future Space because of its innovative and friendly atmosphere”


The hub, which was opened in late 2016, has already attracted some of the UK’s biggest robotics stars – including Open Bionics, the creators of a personalisable 3D-printed robotic prosthetic, Reach Robotics, developers of custom-designed gaming robots, MekaMon, as well as one of the UK’s longest-running robotics companies, Shadow Robot Company.

But its top of the range lab space is also attracting science firms looking to collaborate and harness the South West’s thriving collaborative tech scene.

dr-angela-osborne-exmoor-pharma-solutionsDr Angela Osborne (pictured left), Managing Director for eXmoor pharma, says: “Our search for the right labs covered the South of England and Bristol Future Space was chosen from a shortlist of three including possible spaces in London and Oxford.

“We chose Bristol Future Space because of its innovative and friendly atmosphere, good quality labs and most importantly proximity to skilled resources from Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and the South West generally. We’re really looking forward to growing our business and delivering commercially viable processes and technologies for our clients from our new labs.”

Future tech for Future Space

eXmoor pharma is a consultancy producing the technical processes behind cell and gene therapy with 66% of the UK’s new cell therapy clinical trials (2014) manufactured in facilities designed by eXmoor. The team is hoping that the expansion, into an office and two large labs, will enable collaboration with clients to deliver independent process and technology development and optimisation.

Elaine McKechnie, Director of Future Space, tells us: “We are delighted to welcome eXmoor pharma concepts to Future Space. eXmoor pharma is the third company to take lab space alongside Pertinax Pharma and Atlas Genetics and joins a growing selection of businesses and startups that have moved into offices and workshop spaces.”

Angela adds: “We are currently actively recruiting scientists and engineers to staff the labs which will be fully equipped and operational in March 2017.”

To find out more about eXmoor pharma’s vacancies, keep an eye out the eXmoor pharma website and eXmoor pharma LinkedIn page.

You can also stay up to date with the latest companies to join Future Space by following them on Twitter: @Future_Space_.