Bristol-based productivity boosting startup Meetzoo, who’ve created a unique interactive calendar to encourage better productivity and easy collaboration in business meetings, has made quite an impression in its latest crowdfunding campaign, smashing its target and raising over £170,000 on the Crowdcube platform.

“Being able to see the app they are investing in really helps to bring it to life and excite people”



The startup raised its funding with help from Bristol-based crowdfunding support startup IdeaSquares and its Crowd10 programme which has seen many other innovative local startups meet or exceed their crowdfunding targets in 2016.

Paul Lewis-Borman (pictured right), Founder of Meetzoo, tells us: “The response has been great. We combined our crowdfunding campaign with our open beta launch and that worked really well as being able to see the app they are investing in really helps to bring it to life and excite people.”

As well as using the funds to branch out the app onto multiple other platforms including a web and Android version, Paul has many plans for how the app will evolve in the near future. He adds: “We will be using the funds to drive ahead our exciting roadmap including CRM integration and features for events and conferences such as our ‘bump to meet’ where you can bump or shake your phone and instantly exchange contact details, create a mutual calendar event that can be used to share notes and, of course, remind you when you met.”

Crowdfunding support

Crowd10-south-west-shutterstock_346620914Crowdfunding has not been without its trials and tribulations, however, as Paul tells us: “Navigating a crowdfunding campaign when you’ve never done it before is not easy as there a lot to do and you really need to identify and focus your attention on what will maximise and differentiate your campaign. Kirsty Ranger and the team at IdeaSquares have been excellent and I would recommend them to anybody considering a raise on either Crowdcube or Seedrs.”

“Having experienced people challenging your preconceptions and ideas… [helps you to find] better ways of doing things”


He adds: “It’s not just their guidance and having somebody to keep you on track, it’s having experienced people challenging your preconceptions and ideas and helping you find better ways of doing things.”

Words of wisdom

meetzoo_final_iconHaving worked hard at his crowdfunding success with Meetzoo, Paul has some wise words for anyone looking to do the same: “It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, but I think the most important thing when crowdfunding is to realise that you have to create the momentum by bringing your own crowd, it’s not a question of ‘build it and they will come'”.

“Everybody wants to jump on a moving train, nobody wants to push a stationary one”


“While Crowdcube has a huge base (over 300k I believe) of investors, to capture their attention you need to come out of the gate with a significant portion of your campaign funded by your own network. Everybody wants to jump on a moving train, nobody wants to push a stationary one. So be brutal with your estimates of how much you can raise from your own network and set your overall goal accordingly.”

Aside from cash in the bank, Paul knows that a huge part of the path to startup success is, of course, about getting the target audience on board. To do that Paul encouraged people to “Download the app and join our beta test community“. And he still is looking for people to get involved: “We want to know what you like and don’t like about Meetzoo, and we’d love to hear what our users would like to see in the next release.”

“We’ve had some fantastic feedback so far and we have a very exciting roadmap ahead. We even have a recent update to the beta that contains a special surprise – I won’t tell you what it is, you’ll have to download the app and see!”

Find out more about Meetzoo and download the app by visiting the Meetzoo website or follow them on Twitter: @MeetzooApp.