Oracle has chosen Bristol to host one its new global cloud startup accelerators.

The programme will take five cloud startups from across the UK to work with its research and development team over six months, providing access to 420,000 enterprise customers around the world. Oracle will not take equity in the startups but will provide free access to its cloud services, co-working space and will connect the new companies with investors.

“Oracle has had a state of the art development centre in the city on big data and engineering for many years”


Oracle’s first startup accelerator was in India and the next ones will be based in Bristol, Delhi and Mumbai in India, Paris, Sao Paulo in Brazil and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Phil Bates, Bristol-based Architect for the Oracle Cloud explains: “Large companies such as Oracle, HP, IBM, Amazon and Cray all have engineering and develop centres in the city alongside a wealth of startups, from VR visualisations of DNA and superfast machine learning accelerators for a new generation of AI applications to startups using the fastest cloud platform in the world for animation.”

“That gives the region an amazing set of talents, and Oracle has had a state of the art development centre in the city on big data and engineering for many years. A vibrant ecosystem is what is needed for innovation and collaboration is really the key to a world-class ecosystem and the local collaboration is key for Bristol standing out,” he adds.

Who can apply?

Oracle is looking for a range of startups, mostly focussed on selling to business. They will get access to Oracle’s second generation cloud platform, which it calls ‘bare metal’ cloud. It is already working with two Bristol startups: YellowDog is developing new ways to speed up rendering for animators while Interactive Scientific is developing visualisation software for scientific data using virtual reality.

“We are being deliberately vague about what we want,” explains Reggie Bradford (pictured above), senior vice president at Oracle and a serial entrepreneur who is running the programme within Oracle. “We are not looking to specifically target AI or IoT, we want to open up the funnel and invite as many entrepreneurs as possible.

“The next five to ten years promise innovations and growth that will drive new business ideas enabled by the cloud. Oracle understands that startups are at the heart of innovation, and through this program we aim to give startups access to extensive resources and support when they need it most.”

Collaborating with other tech incubators

setsquared-5359-candour-creative-candourcreative-coThe accelerator will work closely with the existing SETSquared accelerator in Bristol. “We have incubated over 200 tech companies in Bristol alone but what we were not providing is the technical support,” explains Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director for SETsquared Bristol (pictured right).

“Oracle is providing technical and product support as well as support for enterprises”


“Oracle is providing technical and product support as well as support for enterprises as this is very difficult to crack in a business-to-business startup,” says Monika. “If you look at typical incubators that are running 3-month programmes – the startup farms – what we do differently is the business support with bespoke programmes that match the needs of startups. An average company stays with SETSquared for 2.5 years, not 3 months, to create sustainable businesses and with Oracle those companies will be able to stay with SETsquared in the longer term.”

Interested startups can sign up for the Oracle Cloud accelerator here.