Bristol-based creative agency Studio Diva has been announced as a finalist at the prestigious MCV awards 2017.

The awards – which are due to be held in London on 9 March – are the UK’s only computer and video game awards that recognise games publishing, retail, distribution, marketing, PR, events and media.

“The MCV Awards represents the pinnacle of industry accolades”


Despite being pitched against some of the most successful creative agencies in the UK, Studio Diva’s impressive year is likely to see them fighting fit in the final.

For the team at Studio Diva, achievements have included the launch of PlayStation VR, arguably the most anticipated piece of gaming hardware to hit the market in years, for which they designed a Europe-wide 360° social media and video campaign for its ‘Future of Play Tour’.

You can check out some of their VR marketing prowess in the PlayStation ‘Future of Play’ tour video below:

Andy Barnes, founder and director of Studio Diva, says: “The MCV Awards represents the pinnacle of industry accolades with the bar set very high as all the agencies are at the top of their game.

“2016 was an incredible year for us – we doubled in size, moved to a new office building and delivered some of the best work we’ve ever produced.

“I can only imagine how happy the team will be if this award ends up sitting on the mantelpiece”


“At the heart of everything we do is experience and passion. Through strategic resourcing, on the video game side of the business we have handpicked a talented team of dedicated gamers and digital specialists who are obsessed with video games, so we know what works because we have our very own focus group on-site.”

studio_diva_playstation(2)In addition to the PlayStation VR campaign, Studio Diva worked on campaigns for Playstation’s ‘The Last Guardian’ (pictured right), Activision Blizzard, the launch of the new PS4 and PS4 Pro, event environments at EGX (the UK’s biggest video games expo) and a pro bono contribution to the marketing of the War Child video game compilation, HELP! supporting children in war zones.

Suzy Barnes, co-founder and director, adds: “We are thrilled to have been nominated for this award as it is a real credit to all our staff who work tirelessly on tight deadlines and under incredible pressure yet perform feats of marketing and creative magic every day.

“We pride ourselves on being ‘Champions of Happiness’ and I can only imagine how happy the team will be if this award ends up sitting on the mantelpiece.”

Find out more about Studio Diva and its latest projects on the Studio Diva website or follow them on Twitter at: @studiodivaltd. You can also check out the awards and the other finalists on the MCV Awards website.