Ultrahaptics, one of Bristol’s fastest growing startups specialising in ground-breaking ‘feeling without touching’ haptic technology, is hosting an open day on 30 March for local engineers to find out more about the company, its tech and its latest job opportunities.

“We are looking to hire the best engineers to help us boost our capabilities in this field”


The day, which is open to all engineers and fellow technologists, will allow attendees to see examples of Ultrahaptics’ work, including its new VR haptic demo where you can touch and feel virtual objects without wearing gloves or other controllers! You can also get to meet some the team at its new expanded office at Glass Wharf in Bristol.

Touching virtual objects: How Ultrahaptics are looking to revolutionise VR experiences


Attendees will also be treated to insights into new haptic applications in a 15-minute tech talk from CTO and founder, Tom Carter, and hear some of the reasons Ultrahaptics believe you should go and work for them from CEO, Steve Cliffe. All whilst enjoying free drinks and pizza, of course.

Steve (pictured left), says: “It’s a very exciting time for Ultrahaptics. The demand for immersive experiences is growing exponentially with the emergence of VR and AR applications, and Ultrahaptics brings unique technologies and capabilities to this domain.

“Our ambition is to make haptics a ubiquitous part of future customer experiences and we are looking to hire the best engineers to help us boost our capabilities in this field.”

Attracting talent

News of the open day comes shortly after the company announced the appointment of Anders Hakfelt as global VP Product and Marketing.

Anders joins Ultrahaptics from Accenture, where he was a Director and member of the management team in their Digital Design & Innovation company (Fjord) in London.

Of his new appointment with Ultrahaptics, Anders says: “I’m very excited to be joining Ultrahaptics at this pivotal time and I’m delighted to be part of making haptics a part of future experiences”.

You can sign up to the Ultrahaptics open evening via Eventbrite for free. To find out more about the company, check out the Ultrahaptics website or follow them on Twitter here: @ultrahaptics.