Pixel Pioneers is a brand new series of events bringing world-class advice from the brightest minds in web design and front-end development to the UK.

Primarily aimed at web and UX designers as well as front-end developers, the conference will also serve project and product managers, creative directors and anyone else who works on the web, aiming to cover a wide range of the most important topics in this ever-changing industry.

“Bristol and Bath have such a vibrant tech and digital scene that it made perfect sense to start here”


With its inaugural one-day conference due to be held at the MShed in Bristol on 22 June, we caught up with freelance editor, content consultant and serial conference organiser Oliver Lindberg to find out about the day, which promises to span everything from web animations, user experience and service design to email newsletter coding, automated front-end development, data visualisations and more.

For the community

Oliver tells us: “Bristol and Bath have such a vibrant tech and digital scene that it made perfect sense to start here. A lot of the big conferences are in London but I wanted to do something for the community here, so people don’t have to travel.

“I also wanted to create an event that features international speakers but is more affordable than a lot of the other conferences out there, so freelancers and people working in small agencies and businesses could afford it as well.”

“Nadieh Bremer’s data visualisations… are simply stunning”


He adds: “I’m really excited about bringing a high calibre of speakers to Bristol.

“Tobias Ahlin, for example, is a Stockholm-based designer who worked at Spotify and GitHub and is now designing Minecraft at Mojang. He will talk about how to present ideas so that your client will listen, something that will be incredibly useful for all attendees, whatever their role is.

“And Nadieh Bremer’s (pictured in main image above) data visualisations, often created with a combination of SVG, JavaScript and Illustrator, are simply stunning. She will explain several ways that you can go beyond the norm in the visualisation of data and create something that is more effective and engaging. Definitely another highlight.”

The lineup also includes Bristol’s own Joe Leech (pictured left), author of the book Psychology of Designers, who will share his top tips on how to use psychology to improve user experience.

Learning opportunities

As well as a multitude of talks, there will also be several side events in the days before and after the conference. On 21 June, Shopify – a leading e-commerce platform – will be running a workshop on ecommerce design best practices.

And on Friday morning, 23 June, Pixel Pioneers will be running a street art workshop, hosted by local artist Andy Council.

“The conference is a unique opportunity to tap into the vibrant web community”


Oliver tells us: “It’s a great way to introduce the conference attendees to Bristol’s amazing urban art scene and is set to be a fun networking event, where people can learn a little about different spray painting techniques and effects and then be let loose on a wall themselves.

“Of course there will also be plenty of networking opportunities at the conference itself, including an after party with free drinks.”

Get involved

Oliver is still welcoming partners to support the event, so now is a great time to get involved – either as a supporting company, sponsor or enthusiastic attendee. He tells us: “The conference is a unique opportunity to tap into the vibrant web community, meet potential customers or recruits face-to-face and create brand visibility.”

For those interested in getting involved, you can email Oliver at: oliver@oliverlindberg.com. To find out more about the conference, check out the full speaker lineup so far and grab your tickets, head to the Pixel Pioneers website. You can also stay up to date by following them on Twitter here: @pixelpioneers.

Alice Whale