Bath-based tech startup Aria Networks, who specialise in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for telecom networking, has been awarded Pipeline Magazine’s Innovation in Operational Support Systems award during the TMF Live! event in Nice – as judged by industry giants including BT and Telenor.

Not stopping there, within weeks of the ceremony the startup was also awarded a significant grant by the UK’s innovation agency Innovate UK.

“This funding award recognises… the global, industry-changing potential of our vision”


The funding will support research and development of new software applications that will enable networks to intelligently configure themselves in real-time, responding to current and predicted factors such as traffic load, service quality, network failures, security threats and energy consumption.

Aria’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Newton (pictured left) says: “This funding award recognises not only Aria’s pioneering work to date, but also the global, industry-changing potential of our vision.”

AI networks

With such a big focus on London in developing AI for these networks, it’s great to see a South-West-based startup recognised for its outstanding development work in this area.

Plus, with businesses constantly adapting their strategies, the configuration and efficiency of its networks are often overlooked.

“The application of AI to networks is… critical for telecom growth strategies”


As Aria’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer Jay Perrett explains: “Large communications and content providers face huge challenges in keeping up with growth and change in their networks, especially for video and looking ahead to 5G. Artificial Intelligence is the key technology to continuously adapt the entire network’s configuration to deliver the best service to customers, while meeting other business objectives.”

“While the use of AI is well established in certain areas such as customer analytics, the application of AI to networks is still highly innovative, yet is critical for telecom growth strategies. It’s something that operators are really starting to recognise.”

Find out more by visiting Aria Network’s website or by following them on Twitter here: @AriaNetworks.


Alice Whale