With the Bath Fringe Festival coming to a close this weekend, don’t miss your chance to explore Bath in a way you probably have never tried before – using a phone app which combines the city’s history with various artists’ raging nightmares!

You experience this combination of fact, outrage and fantasy as you walk around Bath’s streets – the story unfolding as you walk from one location to another.

Featuring the work of a number of artists, including Stanley Downwood (best known for his Radiohead cover artwork and Glastonbury festival posters), and narrated by the Natural Theatre Company regular Ric Jerome, prepare yourself for a Bath tour like no other (and as the Bath Fringe Festival says, “if you don’t want to frighten passers-by with stray scraps of wild fantasy, don’t forget your headphones or earbuds.”)

Tech spoilers

Without wanting to ruin the magic too much, the app works due to tech developed by Bath-based Blispa, using digital beacons to provide information from set locations via Bluetooth. As you walk past them the beacons trigger the next part of the eerie tale, providing a good hour of horrific history and revolting revelations.

As well as city guides, Blispa also uses its tech to provide interactive apps for festivals and museums, recently powering the events and child-finder app at the WOMAD Festival.

To download the app you can get it here from the Apple App Store or from Google Play. You can see more from Stanley Downwood at the SlowlyDownward website and you can keep up to date with Blispa at the Blispa website, or by following the company on Twitter here: @blispauk 


Jamie Middleton