In the world of tech, innovating is something we’re doing all the time. It’s a word that’s pretty familiar to us all. But, why is it so crucially important? In the hope to answer just that, on Wednesday 5 July South Gloucestershire Council is hosting its annual breakfast at the Bristol & Bath Science Park.

This well-established event has been discussing the most relevant topics in business since 2010. South Gloucestershire Council’s goal is to connect like-minded individuals by sharing the ideas, successes and challenges they’ve experienced in the quest to innovate.

“Learn and network with similar like-minded businesses”


We caught up with Abdul Choudhury, South Gloucestershire Council’s Economic Development Officer. He told us, “Any innovative or aspiring company that wants to find out more about innovation per se, learn and network with similar like-minded businesses as well as local business networks,” should come along to the meetup.

Innovation innovation innovation

This year, South Gloucestershire Breakfast Forum’s panel of experts will be discussing how they’ve innovated recently, what it actually means to innovate and why innovation is so important.

The panel includes individuals from a wide range of businesses such as HiETA, Red Door Coaching & Training, Enzygo, and Marshfield Bakery.

South Gloucestershire wants the morning to be as inclusive as possible and so there will even be an opportunity to put your innovation plans to the test, as well as quiz the panel on their own tactics, in a Q&A session at the end of the morning.

Thanks to Abdul for taking the time to talk to us. You can now get your free ticket for the informative morning by emailing with your name and company details. To keep up to date with the future events you can give them a follow on Twitter: @sgloscouncil.