The Bathcamp meetup group, which meets regularly at the Bath’s Guild Co-working Hub, loves to expose cool tech projects being done behind the scenes in the local region. It is planning a night of Short Tech Talks on the evening on Thursday 20 July, and is looking for speakers.

Previous talks have included everything from creating talking dinosaurs at theme parks and using IBM supercomputing APIs to automate tasks, to smart cities tech making traffic lights into party hotspots. So, if you are involved with something you’d like to show off to a group of the tech curious, why not get in touch?

“Any cutting edge tech you’re experimenting with we want to know about it.”


Organiser Paul Leader (pictured left) tells us “We cover pretty much anything about tech we find interesting. Any cutting edge tech you’re experimenting with we want to know about it. It doesn’t have to be a tech product specifically either, it could be a talk on insights about running a tech business, it could be working practices using tech, the tech industry, or themes about working in tech generally.”

He adds “The nice thing about the short talks night is that it’s a great opportunity for new people to have a go, as well as for experienced talkers wanting to try out demoing something new. If you’ve never given a talk before, it’s a really friendly crowd, keen to her what you have to share. We want a variety of tech subjects – so any talk about tech you are working with for your job, for homegrown tech projects, or just something cool you’ve discovered – we’re interested!”

Want to get involved? You can sign up for the talks at this BathCamp Short Talks Signup form . You can also signup to the group at the Bathcamp Meetup page , and see the latest announcements on upcoming events by following them on Twitter here: @bathcamp