Ever been catfished by a well-angled photo? Well, we can’t help you with fake Facebook profiles but when it comes to being misled by property pictures, Bristol-based Orbitance can make this a thing of the past.

Orbitance’s innovative 360-degree photo-scanning technology allows you to have a comprehensive view of your potential new home, whether you want the last minute sneak peak or want to have a virtual walk around before visiting in person. And it also benefits the sellers, vouching to significantly decrease sale time.

The technology promises to provide a more interactive experience than ever. In addition to the dollhouse perspective, you can unlock drone videos of the property’s garden, enter the realm of VR to take a tour or view impressive demonstrations of a television emerging from the bottom of the bed if you’re lucky enough to be buying a furnished house.

“If a potential buyer has already virtually walked around the property and then decided to book an actual viewing, they are much more likely to be a serious buyer”


If you’re hot on the bandwagon, order by 21 July and you can get 50% off your first scan!

Don’t miss a detail

Using a Matterport Pro 3D, Orbitance provides clients with a fully interactive and accurate model of properties. This can be enjoyed from the comfort of your current sofa or further enhanced by a virtual reality headset!

We caught up with Geoff Langan, the Director and co-founder of Orbitance, to find out how their tech does this: “The camera has inbuilt Wi-Fi which it uses to connect to an iPad with a Matterport Capture app.

“The app collects and stores the depth and visual data recorded by the camera. After each scan, a preview appears on the Capture app indicating what information has been scanned.”

“[We came to the South West due to the] hub of creativity, willingness to try new things and full embracement of tech”


He adds, “Once completed, the iPad is connected to the internet to upload the model and is then processed via the Matterport Cloud. This creates a dimensionally accurate 3D model which can be shared via a web link or can be embedded on any client’s website.

“The whole process from scanning to completed model can be turned around within 24 hours. What is unique about the final model is that it creates a dollhouse view which allows users to see the interior with the walls peeled back.”

“Using Orbitance in our advertisement created a buzz at viewings”


This idea will benefit a multitude of groups from buyers to estate agents. The ability to have a real feel for a property from the comfort of your own home will save a lot of time for a lot of people as well as provide a better scope for sellers to illustrate how exceptional their property is.

Pre-launch, the team trialled the tech with Lambay Properties in Dublin. It was a huge success, decreasing selling time by 20%! Founder of Lambay Properties, Bronwyn O’Dea, comments, “Using Orbitance in our advertisement created a buzz at viewings”.

Geoff tells us, “Our initial focus is on estate agents and property developers as we think this technology fits in brilliantly with their business model. If a potential buyer has already virtually walked around the property and then decided to book an actual viewing, they are much more likely to be a serious buyer.”

But, the business clearly has a scalable concept. Geoff says, “Anyone with an interior to sell or promote will be interested, from architects and interior designers to yacht owners, and even museums, heritage buildings, wedding venues, hotels and restaurants.”

Hub of Creativity

The South West was an obvious space for Orbitance to establish their business and grow their tech. Caroline explains the reason the company chose the region is due to the “Hub of creativity, willingness to try new things and a full embracement of tech, plus there are so many beautiful, different, original and downright zany interiors! In addition, there is a plethora of high-end accommodation in close proximity.”

If you want to get involved with all the stuff Orbitance is doing, Geoff urges you to get in touch directly! The company is eager to expand its network and prove to you their product is a worthwhile investment.

Thanks to Caroline for taking the time to talk to us. To find out more information, you can visit Orbitance’s website here. You can also keep up to date by following their Twitter here: @Orbitance_uk.