This Bath-based design agency is here to cast away all your UX woes. Design for Digital provides web design, marketing strategies and branding that’ll make your business stand out from the crowd.

Having worked with the likes of Disney, Corgi and Hachette Partworks LTD, its most recent collaboration was with a fellow Bath-based company.

“Before the rebrand, our website was both static and sparse and bared little influence on a purchasing decision”


The South West is doing it for the South West in this case. DYRNAN Communications needed a revamp to bring the company back to life, so Design for Digital created an original logo, constructed a new web page and perfected the colour schemes for the overall brand.

A secure style

We caught up with Simon Hearn, DYRNAN’s Marketing Manager to find out more about the Bath-based communications company. Simon tells us the whizzes at DYRNAN Communications have created a platform that, “provides trusted, secure and compliant modern communication tools to enterprises and governments worldwide”.

He adds, “Our core mission is to put our clients back in control of their most valuable assets: their data, their communications and their business relationships. To do this, we have created the DYRNAN Secure platform that empowers our clients with the ability to collaborate and communicate safely, securely and responsibly.”

But, the team have worked hard to get to this point. Before the days of DYRNAN, the company was known as With Fabric. New CEO, Paul Manister, recognised immediate issues – there was no correlation from name to service and the business was being run on an archaic platform.

“We now want to pass our expertise on to SMEs, making sure their website is professionally designed and optimised for search”


Simon tells is the next move was evident: “Due to an ever evolving and highly competitive market space it was decided that the business needed repositioning if it was to continue its development within the mobile secure communications marketplace.”

Enter Design for Digitial. The website design agency worked with DYRNAN to achieve the transformation, proving that you don’t need to venture far in order to find world-class talent.

After deciding on a name change, which Simon tells us is, “a word taken from Anglo-Saxon English and means ‘to hide, keep secret'”, the revamp was well and truly underway.

Out in the open

DYRNAN needed a front that reflects the service they provide. A professional, sleek aesthetic that lets people know they mean business – together, the two Bath-based organisations achieved this.

Simon says, “The relaunch would also include a name change, re-write of corporate messaging, new logo and branding and finally a new website. Paul Manister met Lawrence at a Bath-based networking event at the start of the year and they exchanged details.”

He goes on to say, “Design for Digital and Naomi Knight set about creating a new logo and brand identity for DYRNAN giving us a series of three unique designs to choose from. Once this was decided, Lawrence and his team created the new website which went live at the beginning of May.”

The collaboration was a great success; DYRNAN has had nothing but positive reactions to its new look. Simon tells us, “Before the rebrand, our website was both static and sparse and bared little influence on a purchasing decision.

“We’ve been given glowing reviews online, with clients most impressed by the quality, costs and turnaround”


“Now, through the combination of a modern responsive website and a narrative that paints a clearer picture of the DYRNAN story feedback and results has been nothing but positive. The site, in conjunction with the new DYRNAN brand identity, has helped position us exactly where we need to be in order to continue our development through 2017 and beyond.”

Digital enhancement

It’s no surprise DYRNAN was so thrilled with the end product. Design for Digitial has 10 years of experience in helping businesses improve their digital strategy.

Lawrence Tilley, Director & Web Designer at Design for Digital, tells us about the new game plan for the company: “We now want to pass our expertise on to SMEs, making sure their website is professionally designed and optimised for search.”

Simon tells us he would recommend Design for Digital to anyone wanting to change up the look of their startup: “From the initial brief right through to launch, Lawrence was always on-hand to answer any questions, have meetings to discuss the design process or offer his expertise in order to ensure the re-brand was a success and deadlines were met.

“Since Launch, Lawrence has continued to provide support in ensuring the website is running smoothly and has since created further graphical assets that were needed for the new DYRNAN Secure platform.”

Design for Digital is currently based in the digital tech hub of Bath and is reaping the benefits from being based at The Guild, not to mention, “benefitting from the connections and networking events TechSPARK hold there as well.

“As part of our remit to inform SMEs about web trends, we’ve been holding Website Surgery events, providing free advice for the last two years in Bath. There is so much going on for the tech industry here and we’re looking forward to being a part of the Bath Digital Festival again later this year.”

Design for Digital is also providing a free SEO website health check on our website – so you can go check that out too!

You can check out Design For Digital’s website here. You can also get in touch via email or call Lawrence Tilley directly on 07793226869 if you’re interested in their services. Alternatively, you can follow them on Twitter here: @Design4Digital.

You can also find DYRNAN Communications website here for more info. To keep up to date with their latest news, follow them on Twitter here: @dyrnan.

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