Bristol-based health-tracking startup Forth with Life, a member of world no.1 university startup incubator SETsquared, has recently announced its brand new Forth Edge biomarker testing and digital tracking for recreational athletes.

“Forth Edge is specifically tailored to recreational and competitive athletes giving them access to that missing piece”


The startup, which has been running for just over 18 months, has already supported high-profile athletes such as Piers Gilliver, a Silver Medalist wheelchair fencer at the 2016 Rio Paralympics and Mark Threlfall a professional triathlete, to monitor their health by tracking key markers for health and energy such as iron levels, vitamin B12 and stress hormones to name just a few, so that they know their training plans and nutrition is maintaining optimum performance.

The rise of the recreational runner

It’s not just professionals who can benefit though: in recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the number of people taking part in high-intensity and endurance sports for recreational purposes.

From long hilly runs, to fast and furious cycling races, through to hours in the gym fine-tuning strength, core and mobility. It’s an intense lifestyle in which your body is really pushed to its limits.

So with the everyday sportsperson in mind, Forth Edge now offers three packages of biomarker testing – Endurance, Power and HIT – to cover everything from the long-distance runner to the weightlifter – along with a mobile and web app so users can track them over time with ease (example pictured left).

Sarah Bolt, Founder of Forth Edge says: “Advances in technology have enabled people to track many aspects of training, however up until now athletes have been missing a vital component to their performance – biomarker profiling. Forth Edge, which is specifically tailored to recreational and competitive athletes, gives them access to that missing piece – we’re fast, convenient and most importantly grounded in scientific evidence.”

And, for the digitally inclined athletes and sports enthusiasts out there, it’s worth noting that the launch of Forth Edge also comes with a 30% discount on your first test.

Simply enter the code ‘launch30’ when prompted at checkout and this will be automatically deducted from your order. You need to be quick though, the offer only stands until midnight on 30 September.

To find out more about other Forth biomarker tests and the latest updates, head to the Forth with Life website or follow them on Twitter here: @forthwithlife.