Britbots, an organisation dedicated to supporting and mentoring British-based robotics startups has launched a new crowd-funding platform to help show off cutting-edge British robotics projects to potential investors.

“We’re giving investors direct access to this exciting class of investments for the first time”


With Britbots CROWD, the world’s first dedicated equity crowd-funding platform for high potential companies in field of robotics and associated technologies, investors will be able to build up a portfolio of exciting high-tech companies that will also be given mentoring if they join the scheme. This follows on from the previously launched British Robotics Seed Fund which aims to get 12 robotics startups a year to prototype stage, so that Britbots Crowd will be a logical progression as these companies look to grow.

Dominic Keen, founder of Britbots (pictured left), explains, “Whilst talking to investors about the British Robotics Seed Fund we realised that there was a broad appetite amongst investors to include some high-potential robotics businesses in their portfolio on a discretionary basis without necessarily going down the fund route. Hence we are delighted to have launched Britbots CROWD, giving investors direct access to this exciting class of investments for the first time.”

With some great robotics projects already being created in the South West, both emerging from the universities and from robotic business incubators such as Future Space and the Bristol Robotics Lab, it’s great to see funds like this being created to help these high tech companies get the exposure they need. Pleasingly, Britbot Crowd is not just for major investors either; with a minimum investment amount of £200 most people can get a piece of the high-tech robotics action.

You can see more information about the fund at the Britbots CROWD website and you can keep up to date with all the latest news from Britbots by following it on Twitter here: @britbots