Wondering whether this ‘smart building’ tech you keep reading about is something you should be investing in for your event space or building? On Monday 30 October, Zeetta Networks will be holding a Smart Infrastructure event for venue and IT managers to show off the benefits of using a single, secure, operating system to control the Wi-Fi and networking infrastructure of your public building.

The success Bristol’s Ashton Gate stadium has had since becoming a ‘Smart’ venue and how similar smart building technology could help your venue will be explored at the event being held at the stadium. Ashton Gate, funded by innovation agency InnovateUK, has been testing Zeetta’s smart networking software Net OS, and this is your chance to see how it works.

“Venues that don’t continue to adapt will get quickly left behind”


The Net OS system allows tens of thousands of devices to be connected together, including mobile phones, cash tills, turnstiles, display screens, air conditioning and heating as well as sensors and building management systems, all with software that is easy to set up, monitor and reconfigure in real time.

Zeetta Networks’ CEO, Vassilis Seferidis (pictured left), tells us,”We are excited to share our experiences gained through engaging with stadium users, and smart Infrastructure 2017 will explore this enhanced operational data that we see in stadia, and how thought leaders can drive change in smart venues.”

Mike Bohndiek (pictured right), Head of IT at West Ham United, who will be speaking at the event, told Zeetta that “venues that don’t continue to adapt will get quickly left behind.”

Smarter cities

It’s a great time to look at this too, as Bristol was voted as one of the leading UK smart cities just this week, meaning the infrastructure already exists in the region for you to use for your own buildings. You’ll be in good company at the event too: Network RailColt TechnologyMunster Rugby, the University of BristolLiverpool FCWest Ham UnitedAccedianIPCBusiness West, and Triangle Networks are all attending.

You can sign up for Monday’s event here Smart Infrastructure event for venue and IT managers, and keep up to date with what Zeetta Networks is doing by following the company on Twitter here: @ZeettaNetworks

Jamie Middleton