Mind Doodle is live mind mapping talks at TEDxBristol to amplify the powerful ideas that TEDxBristol speakers explore during their talks.

“Through live mind mapping and the Community Partnership Programme we hope the powerful messages being explored by TEDxBristol speakers will inspire others”


The team behind Mind Doodle believe that everyone should be able to communicate new ideas and access knowledge freely, so they are supporting the event in two ways:

  1. Live mind mapping talks so that knowledge, thoughts and personal stories from the speakers are available for attendees and online visitors to access and discuss through a live chat.
  2. Providing free tickets for people from local communities who could not attend the event otherwise, through the Community Partnership Programme.

Bristol-based tech start-up

Mind Doodle is a new online mind mapping software for teams and individuals that has been built by Bristol-based software start-up, FlexiDB Limited.

The digital product was developed as a collaborative thinking environment to enhance the way the world thinks by disrupting the usual techniques of thinking, working and collaborating.

Amongst other features, the software allows users to share powerful thoughts and ideas in real time, with a live chat for discussion.

Experience ideas visually

By live mind mapping TEDxBristol talks, Mind Doodle will enrich the way that audiences interpret key messages.

Mind maps can helps you to make sense of concepts in a creative and actionable way. The visual structure improves memory retention and the mind maps will be accessible after the event as an archive of powerful ideas.

  • Visual accompaniment:

If you’re able to attend the event in person or watch the live stream, use the mind maps as a visual accompaniment to help you understand and retain the thought-provoking content.

  • Join the discussion:

Log in and add comments through the live chat to discuss ideas that speakers explore through their talks.

  • Digital resource:

Use the mind maps as a digital resource and reference point that you can return in the future to gather key quotes, statistics and facts from the talks.

Experience the talks visually by following the live mind mapping at https://tedxbristol.minddoodle.com from your mobile or computer.

Community Partnership Programme

Taking place at Bristol’s Colston Hall this week (on 2-3 November 2017), TEDxBristol is tipped to be the biggest independently run TED event in Europe.

In order to help TEDxBristol reach diverse communities, Mind Doodle is supporting TEDxBristol’s Community Partnership Programme.

The programme has allocated around 260 extra spaces to diverse community groups from Bristol and the West.

The communities that will benefit from tickets to attend the event include Easton Cowgirls football team, ACTA community theatre group, Rife Magazine, as well as refugees and school children.

The tickets will help to break down Bristol’s invisible barriers, ignite new connections and inspire new conversations.

Connecting global and local

Mind Doodle is all about connecting ideas. It allows people to share, discuss and innovate together at the same time, no matter where they are in the world. It was important to the team behind the software that their partnership with TEDxBristol reflected this.

Richard Hill, CEO, FlexiDB Limited said: “Through live mind mapping and the Community Partnership Programme, we are spreading ideas on both a local and global level so that the powerful messages being explored by TEDxBristol speakers will inspire others, whether they are near or far.”

The mind maps will be available at https://tedxbristol.minddoodle.com as they are being created and will remain online as a digital resource after the event. Mind Doodle is free to use. You can sign up at minddoodle.com and follow the company on Twitter here: @MindDoodleCom