Bristol-based Yogscast – the UK’s leading family of YouTube and live-streaming entertainers – has run a festive campaign of such fantastic proportions that they raised a massive £3.8 million for seven charities – including the Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Appeal which supports poorly children at the Bristol Children’s Hospital.

With its YouTube following in the billions, this altruistic team started their charitable campaign six years ago by encouraging fans to donate to charity instead of sending gifts.

“Every year we think that people can’t give anymore and every year it gets bigger and bigger”


Before long, encouragement turned into a fully fledged live-streaming marathon – the ‘Jingle Jam’ – which saw 2017’s team of video creators stream live across the Yogscast Twitch network for more than 700 hours during the month of December.

Bundle bonanza

This year’s campaign was also supported by over 50 game developers and publishers who added more than 60 games and gaming items to fundraising bundle platform Humble Bundle which fans could access with a donation.

And with all that support and collaboration on offer its stats stack up. In just one month these famous streamers were watched by over 2.5m people for a total of 6.8m hours – or 779 years’ worth – with 148,853 donations in total.

Yogscast CEO Mark Turpin (pictured left) says: “It’s utterly mind-blowing and so much more than we had anticipated but we couldn’t do it without the support of the developers and publishers who donate their games to the Bundle every year.”

Yogscast co-founder Lewis Brindley adds: “Every year we think that people can’t give any more and every year it gets bigger and bigger and that’s all down to the community who not only donate but they also help to organise and publicise the Jingle Jam.”

Grow your community

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Find out more about the Yogscast streamers and channels on the Yogscast website. You can also stay tuned with their latest news by following them on Twitter here: @yogscast.