The world’s leading quantum researchers are coming to Bristol next week for the three-day Quantum Information Technologies (BQIT) workshop.

Researchers are coming from all over the world to look at the latest development in communications systems, measurement, security and quantum computing. Sessions cover the industrial partnerships as well as the future direction of quantum technology, with speakers from companies such as Microsoft, Quandela, Airbus and Zurich Instruments lending their expertise.

Last year’s workshops saw over 150 researchers at the M-Shed and this year sees speakers from China, Japan, the US, Holland, France and across the UK.

Quantum technology is not just about the next generation of supercomputers. The technology can be used for highly accurate measurements as well as Quantum Key Encryption for security systems. There will also be an update on the activities of the Quantum Technology Entrepreneur Centre (QTEC) at Bristol that generates a number of startups every year around the various technologies.

The University of Bristol has been leading research into quantum technology, particularly using photonic systems. Details of the conference are here.