Augmented and Virtual Reality is the living future. Everyone wants a taste of what they can offer – from dedicated entrepreneurs looking to innovate and expand into the sector, to businesses seeking to enhance their customer engagement through the tech.

We are seeing their limits being tested and expanded as the tech is infiltrated into a multitude of sectors. And the South West is at the forefront of these developments.

Desk space with a twist

As Bristol is host to the Virtual Reality World Congress, it comes as no surprise that the Watershed dedicates a space tailored to the research and development of VR – and we loved being there for its official opening on 16 April 2018.


In a partnership with the Watershed,  University of Bristol and the University of the West of England, The Bristol VR Lab is a specialised co-working incubator for up to 40 VR or AR designers and developers to inhabit. The lab provides occupants with access to headsets, 360 filming tech and experimental controllers to ensure ideas aren’t limited by technology.

Sound like somewhere you want work? You can register your interest now or book a tour of the co-working hub today!

The South West is home to some great success stories in the VR world, from VRGO to Interactive Scientific and of course the force behind the new lab Opposable VR. As Bristol VR lab continues to expand we can’t wait to see the amazing tech that emerges from the facility that aims to provide a focal point for knowledge around VR and AR in the region.

Reshaping the world

As it becomes a part of our fundamental reality, VR will have a myriad of uses. Some call it ‘The Ultimate Empathy Machine’ making the tech ideal for medical practice or training pilots. Whoever is utilising the VR, is able to stand in someone else’s shoes whilst imposing no risk to anyone’s livelihood – a concept that should not be underestimated!

VR’s psychological abilities benefit both sides of medicine. VR can be used as a distraction technique during surgery or manipulated to make physical therapies more engaging thus more effective – the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Combined with the advantages of AR, developments will revolutionise how businesses function, therefore transforming the way customers interact.

Marketing strategies are expected to look vastly different in the future. AR can help elevate and expedite social media campaigns to ensure they are the most effective possible. Businesses are already relishing the profits from creating uniquely engaging marketing campaigns.

On top of this, pre-visualisation of purchases means “what you see is what you get” – quite literally.


Although they are technically the opposite of each other – VR having the power to transport the user anywhere and AR having the power to bring anything to the user – companies are now working on products that amalgamate the two concepts.

This seemingly impossible notion has crashed into our world through the Microsoft HoloLens – we expect tech companies in the region to be shaping the future of customer engagement with this tool.

So, watch this space for AR characters invading our streets and be prepared to take a step into a whole new VR universe. And embrace our weirdly wonderful future.

For more information check out Bristol VR Lab‘s website. You can keep up to date with their latest news by following them on Twitter here: @BristolVRLab.