A delegation from Moortec Semiconductor in Plymouth, including CTO Oliver King (above), have been supporting the ELEC6200 Group Design Project at the University of Southampton.

The group encourages both innovation and engagement with the broader engineering issues, including financial, economic, social, environmental challenges.

Moortec develops leading edge mixed signal designs such as phase locked loops, temperature sensing and power monitoring down to the latest 7nm process technologies.

One of the projects focused on the recent collaborative work between Moortec and UltraSoC, which this year opened a design centre in Bristol. This integrated UltraSoC’s digital monitoring and optimization design with Moortec’s power monitoring for chip-wide infrastructure to improve SoC performance and reliability.

Moortec’s sensor sub-systems are widely used throughout the industry for intelligent control of system clock frequencies and voltage levels within supply domains, by sensing die temperatures, logic speed and voltage supply levels while the device is in-service. UltraSoC’s on-chip monitoring and analytics architecture allows complementary monitoring and analysis in the digital domain, enabling non-intrusive, wire-speed capture and logging of information about the real-world operation of SoCs.

The Moortec technology has also been used by the world’s leading custom chip maker, Canaan-Creative in Taiwan. This is used in custom chips for monitoring high-performance computing systems in data centres around the world.

“We have compared performance from other companies with Moortec’s and find that the subsystems solutions are more stable and it’s a cost-effective product. We also get good support from Moortec from previous experience,” said Mark Wu, R&D director of Canaan.

There is more detail on the monitoring technology at www.moortec.com

Nick Flaherty