With a record number of nominations in, we need your help to narrow down the choices to a shortlist to be voted on during the event! Check out all  8 nominees and the reasons they were nominated below the voting form. Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday 19 June.

The final winner will be decided by the audience on the night of the SPARKies itself on Thursday 21 June. Full descriptions of the nominees are below the form.

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The nominees


Description: Date booking website that simplifies the dating process and offers a range of dating experiences.

From nomination: “DateMakers is the Bristol-based startup that’s spicing up the dating scene. By building relationships with the amazing Bristol cultural scene, DateMakers has built a wonderful online platform for bookable dates. No longer will first dates be a trip to the cinema and long-term romances a routine trip to the local pub. DateMakers offers an inspiring (and sometimes wacky) choice of over 50 options from saxophone lessons to a private tour of an alpaca farm.”


Esoterix Systems

Description: Technology behind smart transport

From nomination: “Nominating for their green credentials. Esoterix Systems develops demand responsive software for transport providers. They combine technological capabilities with engineering expertise to improve the efficiency, reduce emissions and enable better access for all to work, healthcare and leisure facilities. Esoterix Systems was set up in 2012 by mathematician Dr David Stewart, a specialist in network optimisation.”





Description: A mobile app that informs you about the products you buy and the companies you buy them from.

From nomination: Giki is a social enterprise that’s on a mission to promote sustainable consumption and make it easy for people to discover what good looks like in products based on their own values and beliefs.

Despite being founded just 9 months ago they have already launched their first app – Giki badges – which consumers can use to scan items in their local supermarkets (or kitchen cupboards) to instantly find out how ethical and sustainable they are.”



Description: Investment app that combines your financial and impact goals.

From nomination: “Our sustainable savings, investing and engagement app, designed to empower society to invest in line with its values, harnessing the potential of sustainable investment to drive positive change in the world. We’re building portfolios that truly reflect what people love and care about (climate change, global health, gender equality, innovation), helping society to save and engage with investing beyond ‘financial performance’. Instead of the traditional “invest and forget” we report on the impact their money is having around the world and on the 17 UN sustainable development goals; encourage shareholder engagement, ownership and accountability through news, voting and social media integration.”


LettUs Grow

Description: Building the farms of the future.

From nomination: “LettUs Grow has developed a unique, soil-free method of growing crops, using a technique where the plant roots are suspended in a nutrient-dense mist.

This method has been proven to produce over 150% increase in crop growth rate, compared to existing hydroponic technologies, with minimal increase in energy usage and a 95% reduction in water usage against open field agriculture.”



Description:  Europe’s fastest growing digital and tech conference.

From nomination: “We are proud to have scaled OiConf to become one of Europe’s fastest growing digital and tech innovation events, but also become the South West & Wales largest conference. Working with our partners from across the cluster we have developed a platform that brings together over 2K people to Bristol from across the world. We have also scaled the event with AiConf which come November 15 will be in its second edition and become the South West & Wales biggest ai event of its kind – our efforts are to support the cluster and bring together talent, knowledge and opportunities together from across the UK to my hometown. ”


Open Bionics

Description: Building and developing the next generation of bionic limbs.

From nomination: “Open Bionics transform lives; their bionic prosthetic Hero arms will turn disabilities into superpowers. Their 3D printed arms cost 30 times less than the standard commercially available products. They have partnered with Disney to make bionic hands for kids based on characters in the studio’s movies and have raised £2M at a seed stage. They were also recently featured on ITV’s This Time Next Year! ”


Description: Passionate Web and Mobile Product Development.

From nomination: “I’m nominating Simpleweb because it’s a company that really cares about the world and its inhabitants – perfect for an award that’s decided on by the people!

They’re experts on building tech products from scratch but that’s just the start. With a focus on progressive innovation and new technologies, Simpleweb is at the forefront of new tech and business.

They also invest in early-stage startups both locally and further afield helping not just with the technical aspects of creating high-quality products but also supporting the creation of successful businesses (which ultimately boost the local economy by creating jobs). With a focus on tech with a purpose, Simpleweb has supported, worked on and invested in businesses that boost education, sustainability, health and more.”


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