SETsquared Bristol is showcasing 19 companies in Bristol that are at the leading edge of technology.

The collaboration of the Universities of Bristol, Bath, Surrey, Southampton and Exeter is the world’s leading university business accelerator and has helped over 3500 companies raise more than £1.5bn of investment.

The Bristol centre is a key part of the collaboration and an Expo on Thursday is highlighting several of the leading companies in the region.

“It’s my observation, over the last 9 months as Centre Director, that what makes Bristol’s Tech eco-system so exciting is the generosity and collaborative approach from those who play a part in it,” said Emma Thorn, centre director of SETsquared Bristol (above).

Cerberus Security Laboratories is working on leading-edge embedded system for the Internet of Things (IoT) security. specialises in the design and development of secure end-to-end platforms that are robust against today’s increasingly sophisticated, and increasingly common, cyber and physical attacks. As well as offering security consultancy and evaluation services to major global companies, it is developing a full ‘security-as-a-service’ offering. This is rooted in custom hardware and this work is currently self-funded and at the prototype stage.

Cotham Technologies is also working on IoT systems with its FloFrame technology. FloPro is a no-code product variant of FloFrame enabling the rapid creation of mobile apps, reducing development time from months to days and costs by up to 50%. The company is part of the IoT Boost 2 programme and the only UK company referenced by Ovum in their recent global report for Enterprise Mobile App Development Platforms.

The metamaterial developed by Metasonics takes a single speaker and directs the output to mimic an array of several hundred speakers. This opens up a wide range of applications, from acoustic tweezers, to medical imaging and diagnosis, to a multitude of consumer products. Having won several awards recently, the company is working with companies in different markets and looking for investment to fund further development of the technology and accelerate wider adoption.

YellowDog is looking to expand its cloud-based processing management technology. Over the past three years, it has signed up over 1,000 businesses in more than 30 countries for its Limiteless Compute platform rendering graphics, and the company is now aiming to disrupt the financial services industries.

IoTechnics is a hardware and software design house specialising in edge devices connected to the cloud using low-power wireless communications technologies.

Interactive Scientific is developing immersive digital tools that make the invisible, scientific world visible. After trialling in schools for the last year, giving over 12500 students access to progressive science learning, Nano Simbox for secondary education has been launched and the company is looking for partners to help get Nano Simbox into every school around the world. It is looking to raise its first major round of funding later this year.

Machine learning appears with many of the tech companies at the expo from Gurn in information management, Duel in marketing and Fluence in education to homelync developing the world’s first smart home integration platform aimed at landlords.

The Expo is sponsored by Oracle, lawyers VWV, tax advisors ForrestBrown and the Bristol Private Equity Club