On 6th December the ever popular Bristech conference returns to Watershed for a one-day celebration of technology. The “by developers for developers” conference, organised by the people behind the Bristech Meetup group, is looking for people to get involved and speak about tech they’re passionate about.

The conference will be returning with 400+ delegates and 18 speakers. The conference has three streams of technical talks tailored to each of their three tribes; Polyglots, Innovators and The Tech Curious. Ideal talks would be from a relevant and interesting technical topic brought to life by the enthusiasm and knowledge of the speaker through a blend of both theoretical context and hands-on practice.

Nic Hemley (left), one of the organisers said “As engineers, they want to understand better ways of doing things and are adept at sharing knowledge, critiquing differing approaches and team-based collaboration.”

Last time Bristech had a wide range of speakers which included Dyson speaking on their experience of scaling IoT solutions, Dan Fairs’ story of his acquisition by Twitter, Daniel Drozdzewski taking the hype out of Big Data and Tim Kindberg talking about Blockchain for Sceptics.  Check out the video below of some of the previous highlights or, for the talks in full, look at the Bristech Youtube channel. 


Tim Perry who spoke at the last Bristech conference said “Bristech brings together an amazing community of brilliant speakers and attendees with a top-notch team and a fascinating program. Speaking at Bristech is always a joy, and every talk teaches me something new.”

If you’d like to speak at Bristech 2018 you only have until Sunday September 16th to submit your idea here. You can keep up with all thing Bristech 2018 by following @bristech and checking out #bristech2018 on Twitter.