Ultrahaptics in Bristol has launched a plug-and-play module that will add a mid-air touch sensation to digital signs around the world.

The STRATOS Inspire module is aimed at businesses and design agencies who want to add tactile sensations to digital signage, location-based entertainment or interactive touch displays and interfaces without having to develop their own hardware. The module is designed to be rugged enough for public displays and exhibits without supervision and is independently certified compliant with international safety and electrical standards such as CE for Europe, FCC & NRTL for North America and PSE in Japan.

The technology uses arrays of ultrasonic transducers to project haptic feedback directly onto users’ hands, creating the sense of touch in mid-air. The company’s patented technology controls and manipulates ultrasonic waves so that the combined pressure of the waves produce enough force to be felt on a user’s skin. 3D shapes and buttons can be felt, but not seen.

The company has publicly demonstrated its technology in applications including augmented and virtual reality, digital signage and location-based entertainment, including collaborations with worldwide brands such as Dell, Coca-Cola and Pagani. IGT, the leader in gaming machines, integrated Ultrahaptics’ mid-air haptics technology in its 4D range.

“The STRATOS Inspire is the ideal plug-and-play system that allows customers to easily test the benefits of mid-air haptics for their applications or concepts in live environments,” said Charlie Alexander, the Platforms Product Manager at Ultrahaptics.”What makes the Inspire such a great solution is that there is no need to develop custom hardware, saving time and cost. The system is designed for simple integration into a customer application aiding a fast delivery to market. The STRATOS Inspire is designed to be splash and scratch resistant, making it suitable for use in public spaces.”

Developers can buy the module direct from Ultrahaptics and from its distributors