Bristol startup Reach Robotics has launched global distribution of its flagship gaming robot, MekaMon.

In addition to the recent release on Apple and in Apple stores across the UK, Europe, the US and the UAE, MekaMon will now be available on Amazon across several territories, Harrods in the UK and in b8ta stores in the US.

“Our ambition has always been to deliver the world’s first gaming robot to the mass market and we’re starting to realise that with V2,” said Silas Adekunle, CEO and Co-Founder of Reach Robotics.

“We’re excited to be bringing MekaMon to more people across the world. Crucially, by being in stores we can give more opportunity the chance to demo V2 – we something which we think will have a big impact.”

Reach launched the second version of its robot last month, including an entirely new AR and gaming experience featuring markerless AR and a revamped user interface.

“Our guiding principle is to use robotics technology to create products that entertain, inspire, and educate beyond those first few hours of gameplay,” said Adekunle. “This means MekaMon is designed to be more than a toy. It’s a platform that pushes consumer robotics beyond the novelty factor.”

Reach has also expanded its staff in the last year, more than doubling in size with key new senior staff such as Nintendo veteran James Honeywell and former Deliveroo CFO Philip Green.

MekaMon Berserker V2 is available now priced at £249.99 from