With 90% of apps failing in their first year, it’s critical that app developers and app companies prepare thoroughly for launch.

OggaDoon has launched Scale 90, a unique programme that puts app developers in the best possible position for their launch, delivering impact across user engagement, industry insight, consumer strategy, and more.

Offering support with branding, marketing strategy, beta group creation and testing, content creation, website support, influencer management, press and media, social media, and paid for ad management, Scale 90 is the definitive approach to launching an app to market.

Caroline Macdonald, founder and CEO of OggaDoon, shares: “Developed from our proven results with app launches in the past, we’re bringing our tremendous success using our bespoke formula and offering Scale 90 for apps. We cannot wait to get alongside new partners to become an extension of their marketing team, giving them the acceleration that they need.”

You can learn more about OggaDoon’s Scale 90 programme by clicking here, and ensure that you’re a part of the Scale 90 programme by clicking here.