Just a month after the launch of MekaMon V2, Reach Robotics have announced the first round of major updates as part of an ongoing ambition to regularly deliver new experiences to users.

As well as the much-anticipated return of arcade classic Meteoroids, now with markerless AR, users will now have more control than ever over their MekaMon-both in AR and real life.

Three new AR game modes will be available to users of the app regardless of whether they have a physical MekaMon:

  • AR Sandbox will give players the opportunity to create their own AR Battles-with freedom to select everything from the style and frequency of attacks, number and scale of allies and foes, battlefield layout and difficulty level. Multiple battle settings can be saved so players can return to their own customised AR battles
  • AR Survival mode generates wave after wave of AR foes of increasing difficulty for players to face in intense and challenging battles
  • The updated AR Skirmish mode gives players the chance to play on through multiple consecutive matches with the randomised MekaMon avatars of other MekaPilots-contributing to both players’ rankings

Outside of the AR experience, players can already experiment with the height, gait and speed of their MekaMon. Now, they can save their own tailored settings – including simulated damage – and return to them whenever they are piloting their robot in Freedrive mode. This opens the possibility of tailoring MekaMon’s movements for specific terrains and obstacles.

Its reactions to physical contact have also been improved with additional, extended and enhanced animations triggered by the removal and replacement of shields, weaponry and legs as well as hits from the front, sides, back, and on each leg. It will even object to being picked up and attempt to find its feet.

A whole new ‘Discovery’ section of the app will also launch, allowing users to explore an enhanced and constantly evolving lore.

Dr Jonathan Quinn, Head of Software and Games at Reach Robotics, said: From the beginning, it’s been our intention to continually create new experiences and content for our users.

“MekaMon was built to take players beyond the novelty factor of owning a robot. Continually improving and evolving the technology, functionality, and stability of the app is a major part of that.

“With AR Freeplay, we’re developing the theme we began with Freedrive, and then MekaMotion, signalling our ongoing effort to offer users the chance to make MekaMon their own, with the construction of custom behaviours, motions, and games.

“Obviously, we believe that the best experience is with a real MekaMon-but our new markerless technology has lead us to open up as much of the MekaMon universe as possible through the app, and with a virtual MekaMon. So get ready for AR Freeplay, a revamped Meteoroids, and new AR Skirmish modes.

“And as always, we’re committed to backwards compatibility. So all of these new features will be available to users of the V1 robot.”

MekaMon V2 launched in October across the UK, US, Canada, UAE and Europe on Amazon and Apple as well as in Harrods in the UK and select b8ta stores in the US.

The new app features and firmware are out now.