DigiLocal has been celebrating its success at the recent BAFTA Young Games Designer of the Year awards. Four young people were also awarded Yellow LINKS band for completing the more complex projects available, and they also now have access to a Dobot Magician robot available as part of a developing initiative to provide these in the community code clubs.

These clubs run weekly at venues across the West of England. The celebration, supported by High Tech Bristol & Bath, allowed young people to share their knowledge, experience, and passion for tech with other young people from across the region.

“We are humbled to be supporting 15 clubs across our region with a fantastic team of 40 volunteers. Each week we have 200 young people attending a club. That works out at over 7,000 hours of games building, problem solving, and code development,” said Dr John Bradford, CEO of High Tech Britol and Bath.

Many of the projects on display have been developed as original ideas from the young people themselves. We also showcase opportunities to use Raspberry Pi’s, robotics, and other technologies. The annual celebration is also a chance for the volunteer mentors to get together and share their ideas and experiences.

“2019 promises to be another great year for DigiLocal with more clubs planned, more challenges for the young people to undertake, and more fun projects for everyone,” said Bradford.

Digilocal is raising funds to expand the code clubs across the region through a Crowdfunding campaign at www.digilocal.org.uk