Bristol startup Inductosense has signed an exclusive deal to provide its sensor technology throughout the US.

The deal with Turner Specialty Services, a subsidiary of Turner Industries Group, and leak repair specialist TechnoFink, gives them the exclusive distribution rights to the Inductosense Corrosion Monitoring systems in the US.

Inductosense technology enables the digitisation of non-destructive examinations by installing permanent, wireless, battery-free sensors on piping, pressure vessels, tanks and modular structures. Corrosion, erosion, and structural defects can then be monitored by a wireless and non-destructive (WAND) hand-held reader, resulting in an A-scan reading and ultrasonic thickness measurement in a fraction of a second. The system also allows users to collect reliable data for trend analysis.

Because the sensor is battery free and wireless it can be used in a wide range of different ways, including mounted on a drone to test pipes that are hard to reach.

“As always, our main goal is to make our clients more successful. This partnership allows Turner Industries to offer a proactive maintenance solution, while lowering the cost of ownership to our clients by reducing unnecessary and potentially hazardous inspections,” said David Guitreau, senior vice president at Turner Industries (above left), with Dr Chenghuan (Bamboo) Zhong, CTO and founder of Inductosense (right).

Turner Industries as one of the top contractors in the US and the leading supplier of maintenance systems in the oil and gas industry, operating from its headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as well as facilities throughout the United States.

Inductosense is also working with Beijing Antaixin Technology on a trail of the WAND system across over a hundred different areas of the Sinochem refinery in Quanzhou. The aim is to demonstrate the suitability in different corrosion monitoring applications and also the integration with the workflow of Antaixin’s NDT engineers.

“THe WAND product is advanced by its simple installation, fast measurement, reliable data and effective cost. We have confidence in the team of Inductosense and we believe that combining the our experience and Inductosense knowledge, the system will become a revolutionary technology for ultrasonic thickness measurement,” said Mr Liu from Antaixin

Details of the WAND technology are at


Nick Flaherty