Inspired by a certain 90’s hit TV show, we thought it would be a good idea to visit some of the coolest businesses and office spaces in the cluster and get them to show us around. Everyone likes a nose, don’t they? First up is Runway East, a startup and scaleup hub just off Bristol Bridge. Since arriving here last year they’ve filled their space with scaling tech business like Immersive Labs and Yellowdog, startups like Bunk and Dovu as well as the TEDx Bristol team.

Having quickly integrated into the tech and wider business community here in Bristol, we thought they’d be an ideal first stop for our Tech Tour.

Community manager, Adam (who’ll be a familiar face to anyone that’s attended the many pre-launch, actual launch, post-launch parties in the building), took the time to show us around their huge building from office space to rooftop bar.

Keep your eye out for a couple of cameo appearances from General Manager, David Foreman who seems to be moonlighting as a barman.

Geraint Evans