Bristol-based tech recruiters ADLIB have partnered with Women’s Tech Hub to specifically collaborate with their sister company Women’s Tech Jobs (WTJ).

The formalisation of this partnership, born out of a shared belief in the need for more diversity and equality in the tech industry, has driven the search for an ADLIB Diversity & Inclusion Recruiter, a newly created opportunity, purely driven by diversity and inclusion.

The role will support ADLIBs wider-reaching initiatives to increase gender, social background, age as well as ethnic inclusivity and diversity within clients’ teams, especially across the South West’s tech and data sectors.

The new Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter will be ADLIBS  voice, spokesperson, advisor and supporter of ADLIB’s diversity and inclusion activity. They’ll be all about working collaboratively within industry groups, networking, relationship building, presenting, informing and championing.

If you think it should be you, you can contact ADLIB here.

Geraint Evans