Bristol and Bath’s booming tech community are getting together for a new kind of careers fair this weekend (15 and 16 March) to tackle the skills gap in the region.

The event, run in partnership by Women’s Tech Hub, High Tech Bristol & Bath and Desklodge is called Tech³Shed – because everything in Bristol seems to be called ‘Shed’. Tech³Shed wants to provide a relaxed atmosphere, free of recruiters, where employers and job hunters can get to know each other rather than having to aggressively sell themselves.

Women’s Tech Hub has been supporting women to get into tech through inviting companies to come and engage with their members considering a career in the industry or wanting to return.  The solution seemed pretty successful so after looking at the careers fair that the HBB (High Tech Bristol and Bath) ran a couple of years back, looking at what London was doing with the silicon milk roundabout careers event and thought they could do it in a very Bristol way.  Bristol prides itself in its collaborations and in its diversity, it doesn’t always do things right but the aim is always there, Women’s Tech Hub also loves collaborations and is working towards inclusion as is HBB and Desklodge so we simply put them all together and decided to run a Careers Fair together.

The fair is for meant to be for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are tech-curious, ‘not techy’, think you are too old or simply don’t fit your visual image of what tech looks like, the companies coming to the fair want to engage, reach out and invite everyone in as they realise that diversity is the key to successful business and its about abilities and not previous skillsets.

Tech³Shed is this Friday afternoon & evening of the 15th and daytime on Saturday the 16th – find out more on their website.