ADLIB have announced the appointment of a diversity and inclusion consultant in a partnership with Women’s Tech Hub’s Sister company, Women’s Tech Jobs.

Mia Impey has joined the ADLIB team, to take charge of its commitment to driving diversity and inclusion among their client base.

On her new role, Mia told TechSPARK, ” I’m delighted to have joined ADLIB as their Diversity and Inclusion Manager. I’m excited to continue the work Women’s Tech Hub and Women’s Tech Jobs have been able to establish and grow.”

“I’ve been honoured to speak to so many women working in, and seeking work in, the tech industry in just the past week. It’s fantastic to see how receptive workforces are at making changes within their tech teams.”

Born out of a shared belief in the need for more diversity and equality in the tech and data industries, Mia will support wide-reaching initiatives to increase gender, social background, age as well as ethnic inclusivity and diversity.

A diverse workforce is essential, with ADLIB confirming that many clients want to educate themselves on how to build an inclusive workforce and how to attract the right people.

Mia will also be ADLIB’s voice and supporter of ADLIB’s diversity and inclusion activity. They’ll be all about working collaboratively within industry groups, networking, relationship building, presenting, informing and championing.

If you’d like to learn more, you can contact ADLIB here.