Engine Shed Director, Nick Sturge, has announced he will be stepping down from his position at the end of 2019. The decision has been made by Nick as part of Engine Shed’s succession plans and marks an exciting point in the business’s future.

Engine Shed recently celebrated its fifth anniversary having achieved beyond its initial ambitions becoming an integral part of Bristol and Bath’s drive for inclusive economic growth filling a gap that many hadn’t realised was there.

Under Nick’s leadership, Engine Shed has pioneered a Diverse Workforce for the Future programme, provided an environment for SETsquared Bristol, the University of Bristol’s incubator, to flourish, and space for scale-up companies and social enterprise, Boomsatsuma. In addition, he and his team have hosted multiple international trade missions, cabinet minister visits and school trips opening the doors to many for whom entrepreneurship was a dream and not a reality.

Nick broke the news in his regular comment piece in Engine Shed’s April newsletter. He said “I think I am more of a startup person than a scaleup person and that the time has come with Engine Shed for me to hand over the reins to someone better able than I to lead the business through its next chapter.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is a difficult thing to do but I am absolutely clear that this is a hugely positive step for Engine Shed, SETsquared and SRF, an opportunity to bring fresh energy, vision and skills into the business. I will therefore relinquish my role as Director of Engine Shed, at the end of December this year.”

Further details of Nick’s departure and the plans for his succession will be released in due course. In the meantime, Nick and his team remain committed to delivering inclusive growth plans, projects to promote diversity and innovation, and the same high level of support for entrepreneurs and regional investment.

Geraint Evans