Bristol-based Auroch Digital has announced the release date for their long-awaited action strategy game, Dark Future: Blood Red States, as the 16th May 2019. The date announcement also accompanies the new trailer and Steam page.

Featuring explosive carnage, action strategy, and rogue-lite gameplay, it takes the excitement and frenzy of a car combat game and introduces a more tactical element of play, including our unique time-dilating “command mode”.

The game places you in the role of a highway warrior for hire, taking on contracts and battling against roving gangcults to control the dangerous roads.

Auroch Digital Design Director, Thomas Rawlings, said “Dark Future was a game that I played a lot in my youth and the excitement of causing cars to crash and explode stuck with me.

When we saw the opportunity to work with Games Workshop on this IP we jumped at the chance. Dark Future has a rich back story and there are some surprising parallels with what is happening in today’s society”

Based on the classic 1980s Games Workshop board game of the same name, players are thrown into a bizarre, dystopian world filled with danger, destruction and dark humour.

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Geraint Evans