The SPARKies Awards celebrates the best of tech and digital in the west. And with so much bustling talent in the region, we have a list of over 100 individuals, startups, organisations and agencies all making the South West’s tech cluster what it is today.

Thanks to everyone’s incredible work, 2019 has seen a record number of nominations. The 300-odd nominations (many were nominated multiple times) include the most innovative uses of tech, those using their powers for good, groundbreaking virtual reality experiences, as well as nominations for the ones to watch in the future.

Our amazing 18 SPARKies judges now have the tough challenge of deciding who to shortlist and who to award the ultimate winner’s title. Yet they agree that the breadth and excellence of all those nominated deserve congratulating too.

So, have a gander at this year’s nominees and see if you can spot your favourites!

Abby Scarborough James Parker
Adarga Jane Ginnever
Alexander Young John Courtney
Andrew Mulvenna Keel Over Marketing
Armadillo KETS Quantum Security
Ash Phillips Lars Sundstrom
Atomic Smash LettUs Grow Lewis Bye
Backslash Build Limber
Beccy Kedward limber
Black Girl Convention > DIGI-TECH RETREAT Limina
blubolt Living Map
Bristol is Open/Zeetta Networks Lo-Fi Games
Bunk Louise Pasterfield
Charlie Coggans Lucia Velasco
Chris Mattingly, co-founder of blubolt Marina Traversari
Christopher Sanderson/ limber. Mayden Academy
CookiesHQ Mel Rodrigues
Cosmic Mobius Logistics Ltd
Cyber Security Associates Naturbeads
Data Cubed Ltd Nikki Shindrami
David Darke NMI
David Kelly (Storm Consultancy) OmniDynamics
DesAcc EMEA Ltd. Open Bionics
Devacademy Our Canary
Dick penny Patrick Benjamin
Duncan McKean Phil Bates
Elucidata Reaal Media
epics Reach Robotics
Epics Digital Collectibles Ready to Blog
EZ Education Richard Godfrey
Fenturi Tiny Giant
Fourth Floor Creative Rising Arts Agency
Framework Rocketmakers
Fusion Processing Sarah Roberts
Gapsquare SEIKK
Gareth Williams Service Robotics Ltd
Gavin Weeks / Seth Jackson / Landmrk Limited / Strange Thoughts Limited
Georgia Stewart Silas Adekunle
Ghyston Simpleweb
Goodsixty Sparkol
Gravitywell Steven Borrie
Haio (for Bunk) Storm Consultancy
Hargreaves Lansdown Studio Meineck
Harry Cobbold / Haio Tapmydata
Helpfulpeeps Techmodal
Homelync Tess Coughlan-Allen
Huggg Tumelo
Huw Bunn / Check-Risk Verity McKintosh
Icoteq Ltd Virti
Immersive Labs Walk to Beat
iXport Ltd We The Curious
Jack Farmer / LettUs Grow YellowDog
Jake Ronay Zara Nanu
James Courtney  

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