LettUs Grow, the leading tech developer for vertical and indoor farming is partnering with Octopus Energy for Business, using its Vertical Power offering to bring down energy costs and reduce the environmental impact of controlled-environment farming.

LettUs Grow offers pioneering technology for efficient indoor, greenhouse and vertical farming in the UK – bringing to market this energy solution that other agri-tech businesses can use to operate more sustainably.

Octopus Energy for Business was established in 2018 to bring businesses a tech-enabled, 100% renewable energy proposition. Its Vertical Power tariffs track energy pricing in real-time, making it perfect for smart management of operations to reduce costs. LettUs Grow has modelled the savings for a ‘typical’ vertical farm on a Vertical Power tariff – seeing up to 12% cost reduction.

Zoisa Walton, Director of Octopus Energy for Business, says “The partnership between Octopus Energy for Business and LettUs Grow demonstrates the most advanced proposition for vertical farm energy provision currently offered in the UK.

“Here’s to supporting budding vertical farmers and laying the foundation for a greener future in the UK.”

Tech synergy

LettUs Grow’s proprietary software, Ostara, combines crop performance data with agile energy controls to efficiently automate lighting, heat and irrigation in vertical farms.

These ‘closed-loop’ controls are unique for the industry, sending feedback on the crop produced to adjust the energy input required; reducing errors, improving crop quality and making this future farming method even more efficient.

The system can be used in commercial-scale vertical farms, greenhouses or smaller urban farming projects and, when paired with Octopus Energy’s Vertical Power tariff, further reduces the cost of indoor growing.

LettUs Grow’s plant scientists are working with world-leading researchers and key technical partners to optimise these conditions with a focus on growing the tastiest, highest quality, most sustainable crops.

Charlie Guy, Co-founder and Managing Director of LettUs Grow says, “LettUs Grow’s products are designed with the future of energy in mind. Pairing the most energy-efficient crop growing systems with Octopus’ unique Vertical Power pricing will further optimise energy efficiency for our farmers.

“In the face of growing uncertainty for the UK farming industry, we are looking forward to offering this unique service to enable farmers to grow as efficiently as possible all-year-round in a predictable, climate resilient fashion.”