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These dates are to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landings – and what a way to celebrate such a momentous event in world history?

The unique mission control turn-based simulation game takes an authentic look at the journey to Mars as you are suddenly given the responsibility to manage an entire space agency.

And we have lift-off

The upcoming game, Mars Horizon, has been made in conjunction with the European Space Agency to ensure that it is as close to reality as possible.

Design Director Tomas Rawlings tells us, “There’s nothing like chatting to an engineer from the ExoMars mission team, designing actual Mars missions, when you’re designing a game about Mars missions!”

If you decide to embark on this exciting adventure, during Alpha you will get the chance to seize control of the US Space Agency.

You’ll be taken back in time to the dawn of the space race and be attempting to open the door for the moon landing by completing the first lunar probe, as well as launching the first human into space.

And this takes strategy. First, you’ll have to establish your base, research the most efficient tech and then jump straight into building the rocket that will carry you to victory. The important decisions come when you have to choose to cut corners in order to be the first into space or to take your time and ensure a better chance of success.

From signing up to Alpha, you’ll get access to the game 19-22 July, a segment of the game to play through and a free copy of the Mars Horizon soundtrack if you complete a feedback survey.

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