Bristol-based KETS Quantum Security and Paris-based Cryptonext Security have announced that they will be working together to develop complete quantum-safe solutions, bringing together KETS’ integrated photonic hardware devices and Cryptonext’s quantum-resistant cryptography solutions. The commitment will allow the partners to build fully-integrated quantum-safe security solutions, designed to fight the potentially catastrophic security threat brought by quantum computing.

Ludovic Perret, CEO of CryptoNext said,Deploying CryptoNext Security’s software library over KETS’ hardware chipsets is a great opportunity to exploit best quality randomness, avoiding widespread attacks ruining security of many root-of-trust technologies based on classical entropy sources.”

New security solutions will have to combine quantum cryptography hardware and quantum-resistant software solutions. By working together on this joint vision for the future, the partnership will combine the benefits of each into fuller, holistic solutions that are simpler for end users to deploy.

KETS’ CEO, Chris Erven added, “Real cybersecurity problems are complex, combining software and hardware enables full solutions. A partnership with CryptoNext will ensure our customers always have the best tool for the job.”

Quantum computers are a cybersecurity time bomb. Data can be already stored and will be decrypted once a powerful-enough quantum computer is available. The recent announcement of Google on quantum supremacy is yet another major milestone towards building such large quantum computers. The trend is clear and organizations must start now to protect their infrastructure against the quantum threat.