Email is a great marketing channel for businesses, contributing to customer engagement and interaction while providing a strong call to action with every communication.  But how can you increase the response to your email campaigns? We’ll show you how.

A quick refresh: why is email so great for businesses?

Email marketing works for businesses; it’s that simple. Email delivers great ROI, supercharges conversion rates and it also gives businesses and marketers a channel to directly connect with customers. It’s a brilliant way to drive response; whether that’s to increase sales or create customer engagement- pushing your customers through your sales funnels. The key to any and every email response is click-through rate. This measures how effective your campaign emails are; and encouraging someone to click through to your website pushes them closer to converting to your desired goal.

Here are 5 ways to increase email response that really work

Email is great, but every business will still want to improve on response rates. From boosting your content to using quality data, there are many techniques you can use to supercharge your response.

1. Use the power of video to boost your emails

Using video in your email marketing will massively boost response rates and customer engagement. As access to fast WiFi increases, emails can include video much more reliably, making it a great addition to your marketing mix. Video content is hugely, hooking viewers in and delivering your message more directly and immediately than other methods. Video also creates connection and lets you share your brand personally, encouraging your customers to respond to your emails.  Even putting the word ‘video’ in the subject line boosts response significantly.

2. Segment your database for powerful targeting

To ensure maximum response, you need to make the most of every single customer segment in your sales funnel. Email makes this easy, giving you the tools to segment your database into leads to nurture, upsell or re-engage. You’ll then be able to send content-specific marketing content to each segment, ensuring it always has relevance and value for every customer. You can segment in a variety of ways including via demographics, purchasing behaviour and interactions along the customer journey. Making each email as relevant as possible for every customer segment will boost response rates, as well as interaction.

3. Use behavioural emails to increase your response rates

One great way to keep customers motivated and engaged throughout their customer journey is to use behavioural email marketing. Sending automatically triggered emails to your customers is an important way to keep them both engaged and willing to open your emails- they’ll want to open your content because they know it will be useful. Types of behavioural email include cart abandonment emails, further information on the items they’ve been browsing and automated requests for feedback on their recent interactions with your business. Not only will this supercharge relevance for your customers, but you’ll also help increase lasting engagement.

4. Strengthen your emails with psychology techniques

Harnessing the power of psychology is a great way to up your email response. Scarcity is one tool that’s often used, creating urgency around a call to action for an in-demand item. But one other really powerful psychological technique is social proof. Use social proof in your email content by adding product reviews and testimonials in your emails. This builds trust and authority, but it also generates powerful feelings of popularity- people will want to respond to your CTA because they see others have too. 

5. Quality data is important for great email response

An essential way to keep your email response rates high is to keep your subscriber data current. Whether you’ve got your email contact from WiFi log-ins, or website pop-ups, practising good email hygiene is important. Regularly check email validity, the origin of your data and keep it up to date by making it easy for customers to opt out. Quality lists help to keep your response rates high, as well as making sure your customers are engaged and happy to receive your content. 

To wrap up

Email is an important tool for every business, helping to create direct and lasting engagement. Harnessing the power of techniques such as data social proof, video content and data hygiene will work to keep your response rates consistently high.



Hannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for Beambox. Hannah writes about marketing trends and technology, giving businesses the tools they need to drive growth. Beambox is a guest WiFi provider.

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