The Bristol and Bath tech cluster has more meetups per head than any technology cluster in the UK – we believe it’s that connectedness, that support and that level of knowledge-sharing that drives innovation, and makes our region the best place to work in tech. So we’ve decided to highlight the awesome groups keeping us connected.

This week we’re running our questions past Bristol WordPress People chair Simon Pollard.

1. What’s your Meet-up?

The Bristol WordPress People Meet-up was formed by a group of WordPress people to discuss all things WordPress. It has evolved into a regular monthly meetup, with an organising team, sponsors and a massive and wonderful community.

2. Who’s it for?

Anyone who uses WordPress in any form, developers, designers, project managers, bloggers, company owners… We love the variety of people we attract.

3. Is there any criteria to join?

None at all, we welcome everyone

4. What’s the format of your event?

Usually, we have 2 talks, these tend to be on different areas so we can appeal to a varied group of people.

5. If you could invite anyone to your meet-up who would it be?

Well it would be nice if Mr WordPress Matt Mullenweg came along

6. How many members do you generally have at an event?

Around 50 people

7. What are some of the typical subjects you discuss?

SEO is always popular, tips on using WordPress both at developer and user level, how companies use WordPress in their business

8. Who’s been your favourite speaker this year and why?

We might be biased, but one of our own team Hannah Smith did a talk on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your WordPress website. It was incredibly eye opening and informative. There was a huge buzz on our social channels following the event.

9. What’s the best thing about the Bristol & Bath tech cluster?

There are so many great companies doing so many good things. Behind that is a great community of people. All of this based in the best cities in the country… what more could you ask for.

10. Where can we find out more about you? has all our details, or for the events. You will most likely find us on twitter