Meet Startup Kitchen. The Bristol and Bath tech cluster has more meetups per head than any technology cluster in the UK – we believe it’s that connectedness, that support and that level of knowledge-sharing that drives innovation, and makes our region the best place to work in tech. So we’ve decided to highlight the awesome groups keeping us connected.

This week we’re running our questions past Startup Kitchen.

1. What’s your Meet-up?

Startup Kitchen!

2. Who’s it for?

The Startup Kitchen is for entrepreneurs looking to practice their pitch and solve a specific business problem. We think startup founders have a lot to learn from one another which is why we are looking to create a safe and inclusive community for them to do just that!

3. Is there any criteria to join?

This is not a meetup where the audience sits and listens. We are looking for people who are willing to participate and brainstorm with the founder on stage.

4. What’s the format of your event?

We will be welcoming startups to the ‘stage’ for 20 minutes each. They will be invited to do a three-minute pitch, then ask their question or “problem” to the audience.

The audience will fill out feedback forms on the 3-minute pitches, including valuable tips and the opportunity to leave their details if they would like to connect.

The audience and founder will then come together and brainstorm on how to solve the startups’ problem.

5. If you could invite anyone to your meet-up who would it be?

Our ideal person would be someone who maybe hasn’t pitched before and has been struggling to find a relaxed community of like-minded startup founders. If they haven’t known which Meetup to join, we hope the Startup Kitchen will be a great place for them to start in Bristol.

6. How many members do you generally have at an event?

We are launching our first one in February so who knows! The more the merrier.

7. What are some of the typical subjects you discuss?

The problem to solve could range from getting inbound sales, hiring the right staff, diversifying their products or even making the best cold-call speech!

The first Startup Kitchen will take place on February 26 – register here.

Geraint Evans