Parental engagement organisation leading the way to support schools and families with maths home learning during school closures

As schools across the country prepare for temporary closures, the not-for-profit Learning with Parents is helping to ensure that every child still has access to high-quality learning at home.

This week Maths with Parents have committed to providing their full programme of support for free to all schools affected across the UK.

Teachers will be able to share fun activities that support families to bring maths to life in the real world. These are provided with videos presented by children to support parents unfamiliar with the methods taught in school. Schools will be able to keep track of their children’s learning and release topics to match their curriculum.

Learning with Parents’ CEO Tom Harbour commented: “As a not-for-profit, we are committed to supporting as many schools and families as possible to keep their children’s education going. We have made all our resources freely available, covering the entire maths curriculum from age 3-11. We are also bringing together national education charities to ensure we all give schools the best possible support with home learning at this challenging time.”