The Seeking Out The Next Generation podcast is the brainchild of TechSPARK founder, David Maher Roberts. He has brought together a team of creatives from the Bristol and Bath area to produce and promote the weekly show.

Looking to feature everyday people with inspiring stories to tell, the belief behind the concept is that every single one of us has a story to tell or an experience to share that can help or inspire us, no matter what we are doing in our own lives. Seeking Out The Next Generation wants to shine a light on the next generations and the issues and experiences that are important to them.

The episode we’re featuring today features bath-based Neuro AI CEO and co-founder Paul Hetherington. Neuro AI is a business that makes computers specifically for Artificial Intelligence. It’s the first in a number of interviews with the next generation of entrepreneurs that Seeking Out has recorded and we’ll be helping to shine a light on them ourselves. Enjoy!



If you want to connect with Paul on social media he is @phethers on Twitter and the company’s Twitter handle is @AiNeuro and their website is

You can also find out more about the Seeking Out podcast on their website.