This is part 3 of Seeking Out’s series of entrepreneur-focused interviews in which they try to get to the bottom of what makes a startup CEO tick.

This week’s episode of Seeking Out the Next Generation features Dana Lattouf, founder of Tickitto (the ‘Stripe’ for the ticketing world). Back in 2013, Dana arrived from Jordan to study Business Administration at Bath University. At the end of her 4-year degree, she turned down the kind of job offer that graduates would normally snatch up… and instead of getting a good salary and paying off her student loans, she decided to take a massive leap and build her own business.

You can connect with Dana on Linked In.

Seeking Out the Next Generation is a podcast that focuses on everyday people who have inspiring stories to tell. It is the brainchild of TechSPARK founder, David Maher Roberts, who has brought together a team of storytellers and creatives to deliver a new interesting and (hopefully) inspiring story every Tuesday.

This is the third episode in Seeking Out’s entrepreneur-centric mini series – if you missed the other episodes (Ep 4 with Paul Hetherington and Ep 5 with Georgia Stewart), you can download them on Apple Podcast, Spotify or from the Seeking Out website.

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