Over the past few months, Gapsquare have developed a new interactive Workforce Management Dashboard to help companies survive the Covid Crisis. Gapsquare is a company who specialise in people analytics for inclusive employers, through software, consultancy and research projects.

The interactive platform helps global businesses track changes to business operation, compare across industries and plan going forward. It adds Gapsquare’s insights and best practice to research from leading institutions (the ONS, McKinsey, Gartner and more) so companies can emerge resilient and fair

The dashboard pulls data, research and insights across three main areas of change:

  • Reaction – measures & mitigation so far
  • Risk – concerns & challenges in the near future
  • Resilience – emerging from the crisis

Zara Nanu, Founder of Gapsquare said “With over half of businesses anticipating making redundancies when the Job Retention Scheme ends, we know the effect of the pandemic has been catastrophic.

By making data accessible and digestible, this dashboard will allow companies to better understand the current context, to learn about best practice and the next steps to building fairness into their crisis management strategy.”