Back in March, we launched our Virtual Coffee Mornings series to keep conversations running throughout the South West digital and tech community over lockdown. Experienced leaders and founders from Bristol, Bath and beyond came together online to discuss the future of tech, as well as to offer advice for business development and resilience during a crisis. In case you missed the live events, we’ll be sharing stories and insights from our wonderful guest speakers over the course of the next few weeks

Whether you see Covid hastening the changes in the world of work, prompting a significant reset or a situation somewhere between the two, there is no doubt that the next few months will be no holiday from our day to day worries. As a marker for the financial impact on businesses around the world, GDP measures are experiencing the biggest falls in Q2 since records began and unemployment is predicted to spike with the end of job retention schemes globally. International managers, HR, global mobility and business leaders are all therefore facing big questions around how to deploy and attract people in these unprecedented times.

Reputational damage, social unrest of the nature experienced recently in the US and UK, as well as already in France – and the faith employees put in the employers to do the right thing on every level – means how companies restructure post-COVID-19 is going to critical.

Join TechSPARK alongside Alan Furley, Director at ISL and Zara Nanu, CEO at Gapsquare as we discuss the impact and strategies moving forward that will help improve businesses form a strategic response to an unprecedented set of challenges incoming.