Join us at the TechSPARK virtual coffee morning where each week we speak to entrepreneurs & experts about their journey!

This week we discussed Diversity in Tech – Alternative Routes into the Sector In order to improve representation with the technology and digital sectors, we need to look outside of the traditional routes in. Innovation can come from anywhere, and those people with different/diverse life experiences can come up with new and creative ways of solving old and pre-existing problems. Their perspectives on things that most of us take for granted, or are comfortable to accept, might be different and so their solutions to the challenges solved by traditional and accepted technology might also be unique.

Should we start to look outside of the computer science labs for the next generation of technology superstars? And how can we encourage people from non-tech backgrounds into the sector to explore their ideas.

This event was run by B in Bath as part of Black History Month. B in Bath are currently crowdfunding – pledge your support here.


Renee Jacobs – Founder of B in Bath & Project Manager at Actual Experience

Glynn Blaize – MD & Founder of Northstar Innovation Group

Tracey Bowen – Founder, Researcher & Artist