All this week on TechSPARK we’ll be highlighting a few of the events from this year’s all-digital Bristol Tech Festival – just in time for you to sign up for the next day. If you’d like to see all the event hosted each day head to the Bristol Tech Festival website.

Thursday morning at Bristol Tech Festival


Slow Computing: Why We Need Balanced Digital Lives by Rob Kitchin and Alistair Fraser

Is it possible to experience the joy and benefits of computing, but to do so in a way that gives us control over our time and data?

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore individual and collective ways to practice slow computing and set out solutions to enable you to reflect on what it means to practice ‘slow computing’ and how it might relate to your own life.

Also on Thursday morning:

Thursday afternoon at Bristol Tech Festival


WTF Is Cloud Native and Why Should I Care?

WTF… Yeah, this is the big question. Cloud Native is transforming organisations in every industry, making them run faster, smarter and changing the way they work and deliver value. But it still begs the question: WTF is it? Join Container Solutions’ co-founder and Cloud Native transformation Jedi, Pini Reznik, for a 90-minute session aimed at demystifying the world of Cloud Native.
  • The definition of Cloud Native and reasons to adopt it
  • Why a holistic approach matters
  • How one fictional company, WealthGrid, encounters challenges in going Cloud Native (which will sound familiar to many companies)
  • A kick-ass, four-stage method, Think Design Build Run, that reduces risk when undertaking a Cloud Native transformation.
  • Understanding #WTFisCloudNative (a little more than you did before the talk)

Also on Thursday afternoon:

Thursday evening at Bristol Tech Festival


Making the Most of Online Learning

17.00 – 18.30 Thursday 12th November

Aimed at teenage girls and young women 16-24 years, to provide a safe space to connect and explore thoughts and feelings on this topic.

  • We will explore practical tips around developing tech and soft skills for effective online learning.
  • There will be time for breakout discussions so you can explore your fears and challenges around it, with time to share tips and learning with your peers.
  • We will also be joined by a woman – working in STEM and sustainability – to provide some tips for finding careers in this field.

Also on Friday evening: