Threads has a new blog filled with a treasure trove of practical leadership advice, tips and tricks that you can uncover by visiting (and subscribing!)

These learning points – from 23 topics related to growth, operations and people, and with more topics to follow soon – were contributed by managers and founders of South West based technology companies during the 2017-2019 series of Threads discussions.

We wanted to open up all that learning to everyone, to help the community grow and founders to fathom how best to lead and grow your business, how to build and run a progressive operation, and how to manage and develop your people. We hope you find it helpful.

The Threads discussions are also resuming, moving online and now at 4-6pm the first Wednesday of each month. Please do join us and see what Threads is all about.

This free resource is provided by the Threads community co-organisers, having recognised that business owners and senior managers within our networks were often solving related challenges but usually doing so in isolation. 

We decided to bring people together, to swap perspectives and share the learning. It’s a welcoming and supportive community, with the aim of an improved understanding and better practices for all.

At Threads, there’s always someone whose knowledge you can value. Each discussion is hosted by someone who offers experience relevant to the topic. Some attendees are first-time founders, some are growing their nth business, and others may be in a management capacity at a more established operation and seeking to make a change. All together, there’s always a good diversity of viewpoints from which you can draw inspiration.

There’s no pressure to say something profound; active listening and good questions are a great starting point. Certainly, you will hear some fresh perspectives and, usually, discover improvements that you can reflect on and potentially implement.

Together we draw on the combined learning of all attendees and you may explore aspects unique to your own operational business – if you wish – as discussions uphold Chatham House rule.

Above all, this resource exists to support you, so please do embrace it. You can rsvp for upcoming discussions via the group MeetUp page, and please do email to let us know which topics may best support you through 2021.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday 2nd December you can join us for managing remote engineering practices.

We look forward to welcoming you to Threads.

Andrew Gifford

Co-organiser of Threads